About us

Based in Rome, Hylab consists of the business partners Alessandro Ghezzi and Ludovica Cavallari. Our expertise lies in visual, corporate and digital communication and our goal is to make your initiatives stand out from the competition. We are committed to creating clear, effective and recognizable communication.

We can draw on extensive professional experience and we like to combine this with experimentation by mixing in-depth industry knowledge with innovation.

We can work either as a team or individually and can draw on a network of highly qualified specialists to complete every project using only the necessary resources.

Alessandro Ghezzi

An expert in visual communication with extensive experience, Alessandro manages to combine extraordinary precision with a capacity for planning, foresight and above all, creativity.

Ludovica Cavallari

As an expert in visual communication, with a strong bias towards digital communication, Ludovica believes that the Internet is an incredible means of communication and is excited about following its continual evolution.

Why Hylab

(source: wikipedia)

[ì-la] n.f.

The genus Hyla is a member of the tree frog family (Hylidae).

The Hyla species is found in many parts of the world and scientists have discovered more 33 species of this genus.



The frog, including the Hyla, is a symbol of transformation, of metamorphosis and adaptability. In a few short weeks, it mutates from its tadpole state to adulthood as it changes its habitat from water to land. It is also a sociable animal that lives in groups: we identify ourselves with its capacity for constructive collaboration.